It's been 4 years since I've hosted something fun or cool for my birthday. The time has arrived, and we're back baby. This year I am hosting a hang-out night with games and food, but the star of the show is the Beyblade tournament. I am asking every person, instead of bringing me a gift, to head to a store and pick up a Beyblade to bring into a double-elimination, high stakes tournament. More info below. 

Anyone and everyone is invited, so all spouses, significant others, and even friends are welcome to come. We will be playing board games and playing Beyblade, so if that sounds miserable to your spouse then I am not offended. Please just let me know who is coming in the RSVP below. 

April 19, 2024. 6:30PM. Address below. 



Board games, hanging out, eating food, and a Beyblade tourney. I'm asking everyone to bring a Beyblade, Stores like Target and Walmart offer plenty of options. 

Price limit for ANY Beyblade is $20. Do not go over that number at all, to keep this somewhat fair. 


18915 W. Pasadena Rd. Litchfield Park, AZ, 85340.

Gate code is #1010. Parking is somewhat limited, being tied to street parking outside of the house and in the community. Be aware of areas that are off limits. Call me with any questions.


The tournament will be a group stage into double elimination, meaning people will face others in a playoff style bracket until we have one single Beyblade standing. I will make sure everything is in order for this, all you need to do is show up! 

All I am asking is that every person brings a Beyblade and some sort of shareable drink/snack item. 

Gimme a heads up who's all coming, and if you are. Thanks! 

If you have any questions call/text me at 623-694-0713