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New Year,
New Church

In 2022, Compass church looked forward and wanted to direct the church into a new year. As Compass entered 2022, they wanted to refocus on a new mission statement: Assemble. One body. One mission. One life.

January 2022

Compass Church AZ


Project Overview

At the end of 2021, Compass Church looked ahead. The idea of a more together church became the center point of the year to come. With the idea, came a need for a way to demonstrate it, and what better way then a completely new look and feel for the year. 

As ideation began, a few key words became the central point of the concept. Bold. Exciting. Movement-oriented. These words paired with the central message, that we were going to be One Body, with One Mission, all with One Life to live. 

With a direction set in stone, all that was left was to create. 

Project Deliverables
Campaign Logo
Social Media Graphics
Outdoor Signage
Brand Expansion

Skills Demonstrated
Motion Design
Logo Design
Print Design
Creative Direction

Initial concepts were created that continued to focus on the look and feel. With the knowledge that the movement would eventually be fleshed out in the video, I focused more on the bold part of the brief. From here, Compass had found its direction, and it was now time to flesh out the rest of the campaign. 


With the visual language and style more defined and meaning understood, the next step was to create something that was able to be understood by everyone and set the tone for the year 2022. We decided the best way to do that, was a video. 

And boy did we do a video. 

Assemble Video

The video for Assemble was one of the most important parts of the project. All of the ideas and concepts we had been thinking of over the past few months were able to be communicated effectively and in a way that empowered the congregation. Using footage from the show "The Chosen," videos taken of the Church itself, stock imagery, and animations created by me the entire video connected all of the remaining dots. 

This video remains one of my favorites. Not only because of the way it looks but because its meaning and direction were very intentional.


Now that the new year had begun, we set our sights on what was next, which was the sermon series to kick off the new year. As we thought about what was next, the direction seemed to point to something completely new, a transfer into the future. Not only would there be a sermon series, we would also create booklets for a reading guide leading up to Easter. 

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The booklet takes you through various texts in the bible, paired with questions and ways to further connect with the material. The goal was that members of Compass could follow along up until Easter, learning more and connecting with Jesus along the way.

Selected Works

Compass Church RedirectionCreative Direction - Digital - Motion